about us


Emil Capital is an entrepreneurial, private investment company based in Greenwich, Connecticut. We seek out companies whose products or services connect with the New American Consumer, and whose execution fosters consistently superior customer experiences.

Focusing on investments in North America and Europe, we offer a multifaceted portfolio of growth-enabling tools to high-potential products and services companies which are centered around the end consumer.  

Our Mission is to forge a limited number of strategic investment alliances with select companies, whose business models and management have achieved initial success and a positive consumer image, but require additional resources to grow to the next level.

We define “potential” as substance. We consider prime partners to be companies that offer products / services that are meaningful in the eyes of the end consumers, to be in expandable growth markets, and to have ethical, talented and socially-conscious management teams. 

We define “success” as sustainable value creation, not speed. Helping sound companies grow their business profitably is Emil Capital’s path to value creation, through the infusion of capital and expertise, in partnership with management and key stakeholders.

A Family Heritage

One of the world’s largest private consumer goods distribution companies, Tengelmann operates businesses in Europe and the United States in the food, clothing, discount, do-it-yourself home center and e-commerce formats, through direct ownership and joint ventures.

Founded by entrepreneurs and diversified over five generations, the company adheres to the principles that enabled it to withstand the test of time — honesty, integrity, sound fiscal management, innovative marketing and the consistent delivery of value to customers.  By extension, those principles guide Emil Capital in all of our endeavors.

Our background fosters entrepreneurship. We understand the culture and dynamics of the privately-owned business, and are therefore flexible in the way we structure our investments.

As mutual trust is a key to our investment relationships, we do not insist upon a fixed investment period – we believe it is better for all parties to create sustainable value over time.

What's In Our Name?

Tengelmann originated as a food product innovator and manufacturer established in Germany by the Schmitz-Scholl family and operated under the Wissoll name. After years of building strong consumer franchises with their signature coffee, cacao, teas and  growing array of superior food products, the owners grew dissatisfied with marketing their products through separate retailers and other distributors.

The desire to control their own destiny by connecting directly to the customer led to the debut of the first retail store in 1893. As its retail banner, they chose the name Tengelmann for two reasons.

One was business necessity – the need to avoid compromising the Wissoll brand by associating it directly with retailing, considered a “socially unacceptable” trade in that day and age. The other was a tribute to one man’s loyalty and commitment to his company.

For Emil Tengelmann was neither a family member nor close friend. He was a steadfast, hard working employee, committed to the success of the company, who was honored to have his name symbolize the new business – and ultimately, the manufacturing and retailing giant that grew in Germany and throughout Europe in the next century.

We are honored and proud to bear the name of someone of humble origins, who over generations came to symbolize loyalty, hard work, innovation … and success.