about us


We are highly selective about our investments, aligned with our investment  criteria, and enabling us to complement strong, dedicated management teams with our skills, experience and relationships – creating value in ways other firms cannot.

We believe in dialogue with you, the entrepreneur, and your team, in the complex process of identifying a business strategy that addresses your current stage of development and vision for the future.

We believe in sound business operation to create value – our focus is helping our partners generate long-term growth and profitability.  This allows for the appropriate value realization at the appropriate time.

We believe in long-term capital support to spur product and marketing innovation and ensure a sustainable business foundation.

If your vision is established, and you seek a financial sponsor to complement your operating expertise, we would value an introduction to your business model and your management team, to determine whether our companies are a good fit for one another.


Consumer-Connected Partnerships

Our investment strategy is focused on companies in the food & beverage, consumer applications, digital media, ondemand/ecommerce, and beauty & apparel industries serving markets in North America and Europe.

Emerging products and services that impact consumer lifestyles and wellness, including health, education and communication, as well as certain premium / gourmet food categories are considered specific growth areas suitable for investment.

We seek out companies whose goods or services are established and sought-after in their markets, and whose execution fosters consistently superior customer experiences.

These criteria frequently match the profile of small to mid-sized private firms, run by  entrepreneurs who excel at satisfying their customers and focusing their teams.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the respective dynamics of business owners at various stages of life; whether looking for financial and strategic partners to assist them in growing their companies; or seeking trusted and talented hands to sustain and secure their businesses and employees as they approach retirement.

The Right People

Because we are as passionate about business enhancement and marketing innovation as we are about investing, the people side of our business relationships is paramount.

As a result, the ability and commitment of management personnel are major factors in our investment decisions.

We assess management strengths on multiple dimensions, including reliability, trustworthiness, depth of relevant experience, the discipline to manage a profitable enterprise, and the desire to advance the company to the next level.

A Hand in Strategies

Our first priority is to increase the value of existing companies as structured at the time of investment.  For this, we do not need a majority ownership.

We seek to have meaningful involvement in the strategic decisions of the companies in which we invest.

We are flexible in terms of the structure of our financial commitments, and therefore open to the possibility of co-investing with others who share our own strategic vision for a given investment.

Products, Operations and Infrastructure

ECP seeks to fully understand the unique challenges presented by each investment opportunity. Prior to investing, we work with management to identify potential risk factors and impediments, and chart strategies to address them.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise and business relationships enable us to play a role in those improvements. Accordingly, we embrace growth scenarios that will profit from the upgrading of product ranges, distribution, operating productivity, technology and communications – as determined by the company’s circumstances and stage of development.

Those elements, under the umbrella of a sound business model and strategy, form the foundation of a sustainable competitive advantage for the companies we invest in.

Leverage . . . Within Reason

Emil Capital does not believe in “financial engineering” through excessive leverage financing.

To reiterate, we believe the major drivers of equity return and long-range success are operational in nature, and we therefore focus on top-line growth, margin improvement and free cash flow generation.

Aligned with that philosophy is our emphasis on conservative capital structures that enable management teams to focus attention on operations and business development rather than managing the balance sheet.